Editor's Commentary : Question : Who Benefits From War Reparations ? As addressed to the sitting prime minister of the day : Where a nation prevails through citizenry support :

This unresolved question regarding war reparations to the matter of how a nation will respect its war veterans - in particular, those who have survived; and, who continue to require post-service medical treatment for the lingering chaos that inevitably follows combat engagements.

So, here goes : In the matter of Canada
  1. Where did the intellectual properties go that were seized by Canada following WWII ?
  2. What company in Canada benefited from war reparations collected from Germany?
  3. Where Canada achieved international status by promising and providing service people to WWI, is it a valid argument to submit that the Borden promise to those who would and did serve would be provided for following combat should be regarded as a vested promise; and, to continue as a national legacy of debt to service people?
  4. Where Sterling company acquired Bayer assets in the WWII reparations settlement, is it a public debt for Canada to nationalize the company assets from this collaboration into a public war veterans benefits fund?
  5. The logic behind this analogy is rooted in the evident post-service need of veterans requiring substantial and quality {affordable pharmaceutical} provisions for adequate medical treatment in this legacy of suffrage that haunts those warriors who have secured the public peace through combat
Just a thought ... I guess, actually. more than a mere thought ... somehow, an observation that service people understand honour and respect in a way that seems too often to escape the political person ... very sad ... really ... a nation is only as good as the promises that it keeps ... Thank you Mister Hohfeld for logic foundations in relation to duties of care.
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